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Common Name: Ginger

Genus Species: Zingiber officinale

Family: Zingiberaceae

Origin: Tropical China

Cultivation: India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Australia (Queensland); Sierra Leone, Nigeria; Jamaica and other West Indies islands

Description: One of the most popular of the hot-tasting spices is ginger, which is obtained from the root of Zingiber officinale. The plant is indigenous to southern China, from whence it is spread to the Spice Islands and other parts of Asia, and subsequently to West Africa and to the Caribbean. India is now the main producer and exporter. Extracts of ginger are used in foods, condiments, baked confections, candies, beverages, cosmetics and perfumes. It is common to find it in many supermarkets for use in food preparation or as an herbal medicine. China produces a ginger which is particularly suited for confectionery, whereas Japanese ginger lacks the typical aroma. Pickled ginger (gari or sushoga) is always used as a condiment for sushi. Overall, ginger products vary considerably in taste, pungency and smell, while the root varies in consistency, depending on the country of origin and the variety of the crop

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Recipes that Use Ginger: